Tivid Air “Flight 407″‘s private jet scene is the first luxury private jet standing stage in the state of Florida. The fine crafting and construction of this set includes a piece of history by using authentic aircraft paneling of a Fiji Aircraft Boeing 737, giving the set unique cinematic quality. Within the interior walls of the cabin the set contains 4 plush Italian recliners, 2 marbled tables, 12-inch navigation screen and royal blue carpet. The cabin is pre-lit and also includes LED lights with adjustable colors to adjust to your storyboard vision. We also include props such as wine flutes, a champagne bucket and a stewardess costume free of charge. All furniture and props are able to be moved and adjusted to suite your desired needs. *** Every 90 days the interior of the cabin will be updated with new furniture, new carpet and props to keep your audience engaged and content fresh. *** Bookings for this unique set will be first come first served as reservations fill quickly. Along with booking this unique set you will also have access to our other pre-fabricated sets located inside of the studio included in your rental costs. 

Thank you for choosing Tivid Air… enjoy your flight!!